Online Services and Additional Services

We utilise the Stratamax (specialised Strata software) functionality in our technology and computer system. This means you can login to:  pay levies, change your address, obtain insurance certificates, order disclosure statements and settlement certificates online.

Why wait on the phone to obtain these services when you can obtain them at the touch of a button.

You also have the ability to look at financial reports, minutes, arrears, insurance details, valuations, fire reports and other vital information to ensuring the complex is running smoothly.

These reports and more are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In addition you can email us with any queries you may have and obtain a response within 24 hours. See our “meet the Team” page for the email address of the staff member you are looking for.

If you are an owner in a complex managed by us please and you have not received your login please email us at and we will arrange for this to be sent to you immediately so you can access all this information easily and at your leisure.

Click here to Login

We charge a flat fee for our Administration and Disbursements of our Agreed Services.  Of course there are times when a complex may have “other” needs and we are always here to help.

We have the following charges for any additional services if they are required:

Additional Meetings to those Agreed
Extraordinary General Meetings                                                                  $   250.00
Committee Meetings                                                                                       $   250.00
Voting Outside of Committee Meetings                                                      $   50.00 each
Arrange and assist returning officer as required                                      $   35.00
       *Hourly rate applies to meetings over 2 hours
       *All Meetings must be held in office hours otherwise penalty rates apply on hourly rate. Full fees apply to cancelled meetings.

Administration charge for Work order and quote requests                     $  30.00 – $50.00
        (The above charge does not apply to regular garden maintenance contracts or invoices)
Pest Control – internal inspections arranged (if requested)                    $   5.00 per Lot

Claim processing
Insurance Claim Processing (if with preferred insurer)                           $   200.00 – $300.00
Insurance Claim Processing (if with other insurer)                                   $   hourly rate
        (per claim – dependant on size of claim and work required)
QBCC Claim Processing                                                                                   $   350.00 (per claim)
Declined insurance claim                                                                                 $  150.00
Arrange and submit Work Cover policies                                                     $  110.00 per annum

Taxation, BAS and Audit information     
Preparation of Information For Audit of records and assistance to Auditor        $   400.00 (up to 20 Lots)
Preparation of Information For Audit of records and assistance to Auditor        $   Hourly rate (over 20 Lots)
Preparation of Information For Business Activity Statements                                $   350.00 (up to 20 Lots)
Preparation of Information For Business Activity Statements                                $   Hourly rate (over 20 Lots)
Register or De-Register for ABN and GST                                                                   $   95.00
Preparation of Information for Income Tax Return (the higher of)                       $   250.00 or as charged
Tax file number application or inquiry                                                                         $   85.00
End of financial year statements for owners                                                                $   45.00 each

Compliance reports Co-ordination
Co-ordinate and distribute sinking fund, insurance valuation,
Balustrade compliance, WH&S, Fire compliance and Termite reports etc         15% of invoice or hourly rate
Pool compliance and registration                                                                                 15% of invoice or hourly rate
Lift certification and registration                                                                                  $    60.00 each lift
Backflow report rectification                                                                                         10% of invoice or hourly rate
Contractor Compliance     (per complex per year the higher of)                            $    95.00 or as charged

Dispute, Conciliation and Adjudication orders
Preparation of neighbourhood dispute forms                                                            $   95.00 per form or hourly rate
Preparation of Contravention notices                                                                          $   95.00 per form or hourly rate
Preparation of Application / Submission to BCCM or QCAT                                 $  250.00 or hourly rate
Attend and assist with members of the committee of Body Corporate with items of conciliation are charged at an hourly rate

DERM, Council or Titles Office fees
Arranging for Lodgement of Documents                                                                    $  250.00 or hourly rate

Matters of a legal nature
Liaison With Lawyers Or Others (the higher of)                                                        $  250.00 or hourly rate

Matters of administration
Stratapay Software licence fee (the higher of)                                                           $25 /Lot / annum or as charged
Computerised Archive Storage Fee                                                                              $ 30.00 per year per Complex
Transfer fee to NSBC  (higher of)                                                                                 $  250.00 or hourly rate
Transfer and Handover records from NSBC (higher of)                                         $  250.00 or hourly rate
Teleconference Fees                                                                                                        $  at cost
Search fees  –  all associated costs with searching records will be retained by the Body Corporate Manager

Finance and Levy fees
Special levies setup and issue (2 – 6 lots)                                                                 $16.50 per Lot
Special levies setup and issue (7 lots and over)                                                       $11 per Lot
Seek approval of invoices for complex NOT on hub                                               $  3.30 per invoice
NSBC holds ALL their bank accounts with Macquarie Bank and has the authority to be the sole signatory on these accounts as per this agreement
If alternative banking arrangements required                                                         $  hourly rate
Manage Term deposits with alternative bank                                                          $  6.60 per Lot on renewal or rollover instructions

Debt Recovery fees
Reminder Overdue notice                                                                                             $  22.00
Arrears and Final Notices                                                                                             $  48.50
Letter of demand                                                                                                            $143.00
Management of payment plans                                                                                   $ 20.00 per month or hourly rate
The above recovery cost are paid by the Body Corporate and on charged to the Lot owner
Resolution of Committee to commence debt collection                                         $ 65.00 each
Liaising with Debt Recovery Agency                                                                          $ hourly rate

All other issues not covered above or if hourly rate is required to be charged
Administrative personnel                                               $  110 / hr
Strata Managers                                                               $  187 / hr
Accounts Manager                                                           $  165 / hr
Director                                                                              $  242 / hr
*Time and a half rates for any items performed after 6pm or on Saturday and Sundays
*All hourly rates are charged in 15 minute increments or part thereof
Disbursement for additional meetings and services, secret ballots, land valuations and other services not related to the agreed services including if the AGM includes non-standard disbursements such as major works or variation/transfer of Letting and caretaking agreements or documentation over 50 pages.
Black and white per page                                                $    .50c/page
Color per page                                                                   $    1.00/page
Photos                                                                                 $    1.35c/page
Envelope small                                                                  $  1.00
Envelope A4                                                                       $  1.80
Envelope Express post (the higher of)                         $  6.00 per envelope or Aust Post rates
Secret Ballot envelopes                                                    $  1.30
Postage                                                                                $   as per Aust post rates
Courier                                                                                $   as charged